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Manicures & Pedicures

Hand & Foot Treats


pedicureSpa Pedicure treatment – €25
Relieve your tired feet from dry and hard skin.
Soften in a massaging foot spa, exfoliate with salts,
shape nails and repair cuticle. A massage and a foot
mask completes your relaxation.

Basic Pedicure – €20




CV7_5859_webSpa Manicure treatment – €20
Spoil your dry hands lacking elasticity, stressed
and dark spots. Soften in messaging hand spa,
exfoliate and deep cleanse with glycol, repair
nail and cuticle. Treatment finishes with a
relaxing massage and a hand mask.





CV7_5841_webBasic Manicure – €15








CV7_5854_webFrench & Gellish nail polish additional – €5-10











All treatments include nail colouring

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